Book Overview

“My Journey to Patmos,” is a Christian book detailing a Christian woman’s eternal transformation from carnal living to internal spiritual living. This book is an allegorical semi-biography about a Christian woman’s history of pride and her discovery of humility, on her solitary, spiritual journey to a place called “Patmos.” The story is centered on the illuminating journey of the main character, Temple Clay. She is a misguided Christian, who is struggling to find her place in organized religion. After countless failed attempts to be accepted in the church, she is forced to abandon the traditional church mandate, in order to find her place in the body of Christ.

The story gives an account of her soul searching experiences, which takes the reader on a journey with Temple Clay, to the very depths of her menacing soul, and to the height of her discovery of true salvation. The story describes the bold exploits of Tempe Clay’s all-embracing testimonies of her lust for the world, and her denial of her weaknesses. The revelations she faces, reveals her inner-self on her journey, which will cause the reader to laugh and cry, and fall in love with Temple Clay. Traveling through this blessed journey with Temple Clay, will encourage the reader to consider a journey to Patmos too.

There are many literal and figurative characters in the book. Some of the characters are humorous and delightfully holy; and some characters are monstrous and deceitful. For example, Daily Grace, who represents the forgiving, and understanding the love of God. Another character is Will Divide, who represents division and conflict, challenging Temple Clay’s Christian authenticity. Each character in the book dares the reader to search their own heart for the hidden, and forgotten secrets that are holding them emotionally captive to the world and all of its delusions. Each character is placed in Temple Clay’s path on her journey to Patmos, to bring her to a spiritual understanding about true faith in Jesus Christ.
This book transfers its reader to a place in their heart that will challenge them to take a journey to Patmos, and become spiritually liberated, as all Christians are called to be.


Jessica L. Matthews is an ordained Missionary Pastor, who has served in the body of Christ for several decades. She has attended various accredited seminary schools. But most importantly, she has been appointed by God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to preach and teach his holy word throughout the whole world.