“For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” (2 Corinthians 4:16).

Although we love to deny the truth the majority of the time, the mirror does not lie.  The reflection we see in the mirror is our flesh! The whole lump of us! We can say to ourselves that a mirror puts on or takes away poundage, still we deny the truth! This is who we are in the flesh! Sometimes when we consult our mirror, we become quite aware that our fleshing is decaying and life in the flesh is coming to an end. But we should not be in despair because on the other side of this METAMORPHOSIS is LIFE EVERLASTING! The change will be like a caterpillar turning into a “Butterfly”. However, unlike a butterfly, there will be no more death after this transformation.  All who trust in Jesus Christ will be transformed into a new life that will never face death again! A place where there will be no more sickness, sin or disease! There will be no more sorrow, “For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall: feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” (Revelation 7:17).

When youth is on our side, we are not fearful of consulting the “Looking Glass,” the mirror.  It seems that we cannot get enough of admiring ourselves.  Some people are so vain that they consistently look at themselves on their cellphone camera feature.   Personally, I think that is beyond vanity, I believe that is an obsession with oneself! Anyway, in our youth we are not confronted with dark circles under our eyes, unless sick, wrinkles, crow’s feet, gray hair, Bengay, Icy Hot, denture creams or a turkey neck! The challenges of youth are pimples, great hair styles, the latest fashions, careers, facial hair, cracked teeth and make-up.  The thought of gray hair and moles, wrinkles, mental illness, wheelchairs are not considered. So, I say enjoy these youthful days while they last because if God is merciful and let you live long enough, the daunting days of aging will come upon you.

As we reach our midlife, our mirror indicates that we are changing, dying in fact. Our steps are a little slower, our bladder leaks, teeth are falling out, vision is blurry and our strength is leaving us.  We finally see the “Caterpillar,” we discover a few gray hairs popping up here and there. We try using the tweezers or some sort of dye to conceal the aging process, but the gray hairs are stronger than any dye or tweezers can combat.  If you pluck out one gray hair, five more show up! I can’t personally speak about hair dying, I vowed never to do that to my hair because I would be denying God his glory.  But from my observations, even though people dye their hair, I can still tell they have masked their gray with hair coloring.  Because gray hair is so bold and aggressive! The other ways we try to hide the truth is with wigs, toupees or hair extensions!  I say, “What’s the point?” The gray hair is going to win in the end anyway! I say embrace the wiry truth tellers and give God his glory!

During our confrontation with our degenerating caterpillar self.  We should be preparing to be digested by decay and infused with the wonder working power of God to be transfigured into a beautiful Butterfly. As we look at our caterpillar state of being, we are reminded that the spiritual man is being renewed day by day.  The real you is being strengthen every day! The earthen vessel is just that, an earthen vessel.  It is not who you are! The real you, is spiritual! God is spiritual! We are his children and we are spiritual beings! Stop praising the caterpillar and embrace the Butterfly! The eternal you who will live forever and never die!

As the caterpillar wraps itself into a cocoon and prepares for its Butterfly transfiguration, we too must be prepared for our earthen vessels to be wrapped for the grave, that we too will be resurrected into a beautiful Butterfly. The beauty of Everlasting Life is that it gives God’s children a beauty and a peace beyond our understanding. Why would anyone want to stay a caterpillar when a beautiful Butterfly is waiting to be born? This I will never understand! When the Lord calls me, I want to go “Home!” and be there with God and be radiant and majestic like our Father in heaven.  The light of God will shine upon us and display the beauty of God. Fly beautiful Butterfly into the presence of the all Mighty God. Live in the very presence of the Living God where there will be everlasting love and everlasting life!  For the record, only a born-again Christian will understand this post! God bless you and amen!

Written by Reverend Jessica L. Matthews, Missionary Pastor